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Ron Coleman Art

Ron has been painting for a long time and has been particularly interested in abstract expressionism since taking a three-year ‘Open College of the Arts course in the 1990s.


Ron has had a lot of experience showing in galleries and regional juried Open exhibits across the North West.


Ron utilizes color, shape, and texture to create harmonious compositions in his abstract expressionist paintings. The abstract picture that resulted may have been inspired by a recalled scenery, trip, or destination. The artwork may be a reaction to an emotion or a circumstance at some point in time.


Ron’s goal is to produce art that appeals to our visual senses, balancing shape and color in a manner that draws the viewer’s attention and perhaps retains it long enough for them to interact with the painted surface.


From the St. Ives abstract painters to the Scottish Colourists, numerous artists and movements have inspired his work, and he continues to draw inspiration from the American expressionists as well as many current British artists.


Ron was elected a member of MAFA in 2016. (Manchester Academy of Fine Arts)