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blu sopra le nuvole

blu sopra le nuvole

Medium – Acrylic
Size – 22ins x 22ins
Cost – sold

Biography of Artist

Ron has been painting for many years, and since following a three year ‘Open College of the Arts’ course in the 1990′s, has taken a serious interest in abstract expressionism.

Ron has exhibited through out the North West and has had much success exhibiting in galleries and in regional adjudicated Open exhibitions.

Specialising in painting abstract expressionist work, Ron uses colour, form, and texture to create balanced compositions. The resulting abstract image may have had it’s origin in remembered landscape, journey, or destination. The painting may be a response to a feeling at some time, or in some situation.

Ron’s aim is to create work that appeals to our visual senses, balancing form and colour in a way that attracts the viewer’s attention, and perhaps holds their gaze long enough to allow them to engage with the painted surface.

Many artists and movements have influenced his work, ranging from the St. Ives abstract artists to the Scottish Colourists, and he continues to take inspiration from the American expressionists as well as many contemporary British artists.

In 2016 Ron was elected a member of MAFA (Manchester Academy of Fine Arts)

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    March 23, 2023


    Ron Coleman – VIEW WORK – Sold