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Colourfield Gallery located in Poynton, Cheshire specialises in Northern Art, the term given to the gritty 20th Century works of industrial and urban landscapes as well as men, women and children particular to the North West of England and best epitomized by the works of L.S.Lowry, he captured the spirit of mills, factories and working class life.

Today’s new generation of Northern Artists bring the contemporary cityscapes and people of the region in the 21st Century alive, whilst remaining true to the heritage and culture of the region. Heritage and artistic honesty go hand-in-hand with the gleaming architectural showstoppers and pedestrian streets of rejuvenated Manchester and the surrounding districts as well as generations of city dwellers and workers who long since left their terraces behind.

Colourfield features the work of over 50 Northern Artists, the gallery has dedicated over 30 years to building relationships with artists and collectors alike.

An important part of the job is to seek out new talented artists at the start of their journey as well as reigniting the interest in artists who have perhaps gone off the radar for whatever reason.

Colourfield have collectors from all over the UK who just love the genre for a whole host of reasons nostalgia, heritage, and of course, the fact that the investment is not only going to give the buyer a lot of personal joy but very likely to go up in value.”

The joy of Colourfield is that our customers are so diverse – from avid collectors who are hugely knowledgeable about the field to members of the public who have never purchased original art before and just see a piece that resonates with them.

We guarantee a warm welcome and actively encourage anyone interested in art to come and see us or visit the website and enjoy the great work we have in stock.

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