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Judith Donaghy Art

Judith is a great artist who transitioned from textile design to fine art a few years ago.


Painting is an intuitive process for me, but direct observation is essential. Small sketches and color notes were taken while strolling or visiting locations of interest are typically the beginning point for a painting that is finished in the studio later.


As the painting progresses, it gains momentum, determining which direction to go and when to finish. The finishing process may take a long time and occasionally deviates from the initial concept, so I may need to put the work on hold until a few days or even weeks later when I will evaluate everything and make adjustments as needed until the painting is completed.


I usually paint in large blocks of color. The painting may be very formal with very exact lines at times, and more fluid with the paint application at other times. Some paintings are more abstract than others, but the majority of them include blocks of color and calligraphy.