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golden & ruby roses in crystal vase

golden & ruby roses in crystal vase

Medium – Oil
Size – 8ins x 8ins
Cost – sold

Biography of Artist

Judith is a former textile designer who switched to fine art a number of years ago.

Painting is, for me, an instinctive process although direct observation is an important element. Small sketches and colour notes made when out walking or visiting places of interest are usually the starting point for a painting which is later completed in the studio.

As the painting develops, it gathers momentum, dictating which way to proceed, and when to complete. The finishing process can sometimes take a while and in some cases may deviate from the original idea so that I may need to lay the work to one side, until a few days or even weeks later, I will reassess everything and make changes if necessary until the painting is resolved.

I tend to paint in blocks of colour. Sometimes the picture may be quite formal with fairly precise lines, and at other times the paint application is of a more fluent nature. Some paintings can also be more abstract than others, but blocks of colour and calligraphy feature in most of the paintings.

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    March 6, 2019


    Judith Donaghy – VIEW WORK – Sold