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Arthur Delaney Art

Arthur McEvoy Delaney was born in Manchester’s All Saints neighborhood in 1927. His mother was a dancer, and his father was the renowned comic Frank Randle, thus he grew up in a theatrical household.


He began working at a textile design studio in Manchester at the age of 13 and stayed there for the following 32 years. They had four children after he married his childhood love. He began painting as a way of unwinding. There were two major influences in his life that would have an impact on his growth as a painter. One was L.S. Lowry’s art, and the other was recollections of his joyful childhood in Manchester in the 1930s, with its smoke-filled sky, rattling tramcars, and gas lights.


Lowry’s job made him aware of the north’s numerous unique characteristics, and he soon started painting city scenes and industrial landscapes. His paintings were not stylized, but rather accurate representations of their surroundings. He set out to reproduce the mood of the 1930s, and his paintings all reflect that yearning.


In April 1974, he had a highly successful one-man exhibition at Manchester’s Tib Lane Gallery, with all of the paintings selling out in less than half an hour during the preview. During his lifetime, his paintings continued to sell well, and he showed them at the Royal Academy. Several of his paintings were printed in limited editions.


Arthur Delaney’s paintings are more popular than ever, and a new generation of collectors is discovering them.