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Steven Scholes Art

Steven was born in 1952 and lives on the outskirts of Manchester. Steven showed a natural talent for painting from a very early age and even won an art competition when he was five. His subject matter is often of local scenes of bygone eras. Heavily influenced by his Grandfather, he used to travel around the city with him, admiring the Victorian and Edwardian architecture. His love of historic buildings inspired him to accurately recreate some of the most iconic scenes as they were in the day. The buildings, the people and the lighting are all translated from meticulous research and a true dedication and attention to detail.

Steven’s talent was recognised when in 1974 he won the Manchester Evening News Art Competition. A competition open to professional and amateur artists, people were as impressed by the skill in his work as they are now. Steven turned professional shortly after this to satisfy the increasing demand. He is now greatly sought after by galleries private collectors throughout thecountry.

An interestingobservation about his paintings is that it is always 4.15pm. This is down to the fact that Steven likes to evoke winter’s evening rush. It also pays homage to a time when walking home from school Steven had time to day-dream, to free his artistic mind from the rigidity of school life. He remembers the time fondly, and cites it as one of the contributing factors to him becoming an artist.