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lou moore – the first to fall

lou moore – the first to fall

Medium – Oil
Size – 18ins x 34ins
Cost – £795

Biography of Artist

A Peak District artist, began her career at an early age, she was later inspired and mentored by Sir Kyffin Williams.

Like the seasons, Lou’s work is ever changing. Her landscapes have the power of great artists to keep drawing you into the picture. In some of her work you truly feel you are softly passing along the tracks of a path running between verdant fields and majestic trees. In others you are watching the land roll away in sweeping curves, with delicate moorland flowers bending in the wind. Some of her work has an almost menacing feel. Stark winter trees crowned with vivid sunsets stand alongside slopes of desolate hillsides showing the Derbyshire peaks in awesome lights.

Each one of her paintings has a reason for its creation – inspired by the events of her life – some warm and happy, others dark and brooding. One recent picture painted in memory of a dear friend gives the impression of a fire burning fiercely with great vivid bushes lighting the centre of the picture while surrounded by dark and menacing trees and shrubs.

Another was inspired by a close relative’s ill health – a path leads through the wood, a late summer feel to it. Bracken on either side of the path, dying back in golden and wonderful velvety reds and browns. Tall pines allow the glow of sunlight to filter through and give the feeling of hope and renewal just around the bend where the path disappears and falls away.

Louise is an artist to collect now. Anyone who buys one, or more of her extraordinary paintings is buying an heirloom, something to enjoy and find new things and tiny details each time you look at it.

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    May 4, 2023