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Town Of Hard Grind

Town Of Hard Grind

Medium – Ink
Size – 30ins x 22ins
Cost – sold

Biography of Artist

A quirky, idiosyncratic contemporary Northern British artist with a delightfully sharp sense of childlike joy in the happenings of his creative world.

His brilliant, high-key colours and exuberantly assured oils and watercolours are crisply fresh, radically personal and utterly original. His detailed drawings speak of prodigious imagination, masterly technical ability and a unique visual language laced with a wicked humour.

Evans has been singularly unaffected by passing artistic trends. His is a personal, intimate art – an art honed from decades of experimental drawing and colour work in his art studio in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

His bold techniques are certainly eccentric and chimerical. If you dig deeper there is a toughness underneath the whimsical imagery – an imagery that speaks of considered judgement and above all – a uniquely authentic vision.

David Evans has a BA Hons degree in Painting and Printmaking and is a fully qualified art teacher. He was elected member of The National Society of Painters, Printmakers and Sculptors in 1979.

He has written and/or illustrated four books.

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    October 30, 2017


    David Evans – VIEW WORK – Sold