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Peter Morgan Art

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Peter Morgan was born in Pembrokeshire in 1970. He studied building design at Pembrokeshire College and trained as a civil engineer. 

Peter is a self taught artist and has been painting seriously since 1994. He is particularly well known for his colourful palette, working mainly in acrylics using a range of techniques including glazing, impasto and direct painting. Painting buildings has always been at the heart of his drawing and paintings. Peter works directly from the environment, often revisiting places many times and in ever changing weather and seasons.

Peter Morgan paintings are inspired by his immediate surroundings as well as his travels. Visits to North and South Wales, Cornwall and other historical parts of England. His subjects are often incorporate the light, atmosphere and beauty of places he knows well. He is especially known for his dramatic whitewashed cottages hidden behind stone walls. In each painting he never quite knows what colour the sky or the landscape is going to be.