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Lou Moore Art

She started her career as a Peak District artist at a young age and was subsequently inspired and taught by Sir Kyffin Williams.

Lou’s art, like the seasons, is ever-changing. Her sceneries can pull you into the image in the same way that great painters do. Some of her art makes you feel as though you’re gently traveling down the rails of a trail that runs through lush meadows and towering trees. In others, you’re looking out the window at the countryside rolling away in sweeping arcs, delicate moorland flowers swaying in the breeze. Some of her art has a threatening quality to it. Winter trees topped with brilliant sunsets stand against slopes of barren hillsides, illuminating the Derbyshire highlands.

Each of her paintings has a story behind it, one that is inspired by experiences in her life, some of which are warm and joyful, while others are dark and gloomy. A new painting in remembrance of a close friend depicts a furiously blazing fire surrounded by dark and scary trees and shrubs, with large bright bushes illuminating the center of the image.

Another was inspired by the illness of a close relative — a trail winds through the woods, giving it a late-summer vibe. Bracken on both sides of the road, dying back in a beautiful velvety crimson and brown. Just around the curve where the route vanishes and falls away, tall pines enable the glow of sunshine to seep through, giving the sense of optimism and rebirth.

Now is the time to start collecting Louise’s work. Anyone who purchases one of her amazing paintings is purchasing an heirloom, something to appreciate and discover new nuances in every time you look at it.


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