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David Barnes Art

David Barnes was born and spent his early years in Africa. He became a chartered accountant and worked in the field for most of his career. David studied history and economics at the Open University when he was in his forties. He then spent several years as a tutor for the Open University, teaching financial management to MBA students in the UK, Europe, and Africa.


Although David Barnes enjoyed art in school and has been an art collector for many years, he did not start painting seriously until he retired from the educational world in 2006. Welsh painters Sir Kyffin Williams, Gwilym Prichard, and Wynne Jenkins have inspired his work.


The paintings of David Barnes are very textured. He paints using a palette knife, in oils, and employs a thick impasto technique to give weight and structure to his works, giving them a sculptured appearance.


The mountains of Snowdonia, as well as the coastlines of North Wales and Anglesey, have inspired much of David Barnes’ work. David is gradually developing his unique style, utilizing more bright colors and painting landscapes in Scotland, Cornwall, and Ireland, in addition to painting the dark brooding colors of the north Wales terrain. He is also a passionate still-life painter.